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Głogoczów near Cracow
phone: (0048) 602 706 000

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I'm 82 years old and I'm self-sufficient. So far I have managed to do all the household activities and shopping without much help from others. For a number of months now I have found myself more and more often going out of breath. I have also noticed that my legs swell around the ankles. I get tired more easily. In fact the only disease I suffer from is hypertension. Are these symptoms of ageing? Is there any medication for that?more
10 reasons why to choose us
  1. We are a married couple of doctors. We operate the House on the Hill in accordance with the state-of-the-art standards of geriatric care.
  2. We have an unconditional authorisation to conduct business relating to care of the elderly and disabled, granted for an unlimited time by the local authorities of the Małopolskie voivodship (Wojewoda Małopolski).
  3. We specialise not only in...

Seniors from a Four-Star Boarding House

"For me the chapel is evidence that they do care at the House on the Hill. After all, once we are dead they would no longer have to, wouldn't they?" says Helena, a resident of the retirement home at Głogoczów.

The doctor is young, handsome and elegant. He knows a lot about different things. For instance, he knows about entrepreneurship and old age: together with his wife he has invested in a business that as recently as a few years ago would have been said to be risky. But the couple of doctors were not afraid of risk. At Głogoczów, a village near Kraków, they have built a four-star boarding house for the elderly, albeit other than the average statistical ones. For the elderly who are rich or have rich relatives.



My ordinary life at the turn of centuries

Download excerpts from a book by one of our residents.




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